Twitter Twial: Day Twwwo


Robin Hood: Oh, Marian, if only ’twere me.
Maid Marian: Oh, if ’twere you, ‘twould be… twerrific.

Eventually I’ll get tired of making bad jokes about Twitter’s name. Promise.

Just two days into my Twitter Twial, I have:

  • Been followed by 21 people
  • Found 39 people to follow, including 14 locals I’ve never met
  • Had conversations with five of those locals
  • Answered a local’s question about an Obama rally by pointing him to one of the blogs on my newspaper’s Web site
  • Discovered that a local blogger was at my favorite bar the same time I was
  • Found one of the bloggers at a popular Penn State blog who I’ve previously interviewed
  • Found a local teacher who’s using Twitter in the classroom and would be glad to tell me about it for a story
  • Found someone I’ve been friends with since elementary school
  • Seen a huge increase in traffic to my blog. In just two days, Twitter has now sent more traffic than any other blog out there.

And I’m working on another Twitter-related project that I’ll unveil soon.

We’ll chalk up Days 1 and 2 to the “Better than expected” column.

  • Glad you are enjoying it!

  • Hey Dan,

    It’s been a long time since we last spoke for the article you wrote up, but it’s a pleasure to hear from you again.

    You’ve got a nice website going here. I wish more professional journalists did the same!

    Tom Shakely