Knight News Challenge: Feedback needed

I’ve been struck by an idea, and I hate keeping ideas to myself. Especially with fun communication toys like blogs and Twitter so easily available.

But I’m very enthusiastic about this idea, and I think it might be best presented through the Knight News Challenge, which offers moola to ideas that will push journalism forward. I believe this one will — and I believe it might need the funding the challenge’s grants would provide.

I know my idea will be better once it’s tossed around in more brains than my own. But since we’re talking about a competition, I truly don’t know if it’s better to throw it into the Knight News Challenge garage or just pass it through some people I trust.

That’s where I’m hoping you come in.

I’d like to set up a small circle of friends, colleagues, bloggers and Twitter users to whom I could, in confidence, present my idea. I’m looking for journalists specifically, and would be extra grateful for college students or recent graduates in particular. I don’t need to know you all that well.

All I ask is that you’re willing to get an e-mail or two from me. Send feedback if you have it, or you can ignore it if you don’t.

Mostly, I just want to have a few people to tell me whether or not I’m nuts. Doesn’t that sound fun?

E-mail me or leave me your address if you’d be willing to help. Thanks.

  • LOL that was a very elaborate way of asking for some help.

    Of course i’m happy to help you out. I’m not a journalist, but I am a student and I can be trusted to tell you you’re nuts. What are little sisters for? 😀

  • Sure thing. Mum’s the word right?

  • I’d be happy to help. Sounds interesting — plus, I’ve always thought it was weird to publicize the competition ideas on the Knight challenge site.

  • I got your back. And hey – you know I won’t steal your idea. I don’t think I’m even allowed to enter the Knight News Challenge this year.

    I would suggest using the Knight News Garage – but it’s your call, I don’t even know what the idea is, so your judgment on it is probably better than mine.

  • I’m in, too.

  • I’ll use my journalism student status to help you out.

  • Jeremy Long

    Hey I’ll help you out. You already have my email.

  • Digidave is a great one to ask! And he’s right–the new Garage ( is exactly for this sort of thing; it’s like an incubator for your idea/application. But we don’t mind if you ask your friends first, either. 😉