Apparently I look like a blogger

If you follow me on Twitter — which you should be doing — you’ve already heard this story. But for everyone else:

After covering a speech Howard Dean gave to an SEIU conference in Hershey, Pa., I had a one-on-one interview scheduled with him. Since he was short on time, I ended up teaming up with two other print reporters for the interview.

As I walked in to greet him, he takes one look at me and says:

“You look like a blogger.”

I laughed, not particularly offended. “Is that a compliment or an insult?” I asked. He said it was a compliment.

Little did he know I’d actually be blogging about the exchange later on. Or maybe he did know.

So this all begs the question: What does a blogger look like?

I posed that question on Twitter, and there seems to be a near-consensus out there.

Elaine Helm came up with one word, which was surely the codeword Dean was actually going for: Young (I’m 24).

Andy Enders expanded the definition to include glasses (Yep, I’ve got those too).

Jared Silfies added “nerdy or geekish” to the picture (As for me…that’s debatable. At least let me think that).

Frances Civello said bloggers have a pasty complexion (Finally one that doesn’t hit me…I’ve got a decent tan).

Chuck Simmins said it’s a must to be wearing pajamas (Nope, had a blue button-down and khakis).

Davis Shaver said “their looks fall somewhere between Julia Allison and Robert Scoble” (Umm…sure, that’s me?).

Basically, anyone who’s seen me would probably agree that I look like a blogger, and this exercise seems to support that conclusion. Anything else to add to the list?

  • Anne Marie

    Ben was at that conference, since he’s the newest SEIU HealthCarePA organizer!

  • Matt

    Dude, you’re not geeky. You bring the hotness.