prominently links to Technically Philly, angels rejoice

We saw a small but significant milestone at this morning.

Should you have visited the site between roughly 10:15 a.m. and 11:10 a.m. this morning, you would have seen this:


It’s significant because this is the first time has directly linked to an external blog from a prominent spot on its home page, taking readers directly off the site. According to Technically Philly‘s Christopher Wink, it netted them over 600 referrals, which passed Reddit and Hacker News as the most single-day, single-source referral traffic they’ve ever received.

A quick sausage-making recap: Wink alerted me via Twitter to a post that looked like it would have mainstream appeal. I agreed and sent an e-mail to our team of web producers. They agreed to offer up the valuable real estate in a way the site historically hasn’t done.

No, I don’t expect a party to be thrown in our honor. I know some people will roll their eyes and make comments about it being 1998 and such.

But this is a clear step toward opening’s gates, which is something people like Wink have been waiting for us to do. I’m not rolling out any Mission Accomplished banners, as there is a looong way to go, but it’s great to see a tangible step.

If you’d like to debate the merits of this, or how success will be defined with such an approach, let’s feel free to discuss it in the comments.

  • Chris Wink

    Thanks Daniel,
    It was a great first step, and, as you linked to above, something I strongly believe should be’s role and could be great for all involved.

    As we discussed, I’d be interested to see if we could see growth in RSS, Twitter or email subscribers, in addition to those who know us. We don’t monetize on traffic — which is relatively small and our advertising not a driving factor — but we’re interested in building a constituency of technology interested Philadelphians.

    Also, if anyone is interested, this was the story linked to

  • How ironic I’d forget to link to the story here. Problem fixed.

  • Awesome stuff Daniel, Wink and team.

    I agree – in truth, it shouldn’t be something that merits a blog post. But it’s a first – so let’s note it. This way – next time it’ll just be commonplace – which I think it should be in the future.

  • Wendy Warren

    We all wish this milestone had been earlier – but we’re going to be happy about it anyway. Thanks, Dan, for helping to turn the idea of as a real portal for the Philly area from idea to reality. Now, what else is out there worth linking to?

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