• Daniel we just published this Hooverville story part two http://www.roxburynews.com/

    Thanks for posting the Spot.us info might not have found the site without your help

  • Daniel:

    In your article: http://www.niemanlab.org/2010/10/building-a-university-sandbox-for-news-orgs-uncs-new-digital-newsroom-nearing-nov-1-launch/

    You posted the wrong link. Please change the link to http://www.reesefelts.org and not dev.reesefelts.org. Not sure why you would post the link to dev and not production, but it is what it is.

    Thanks for you assistance with this.

    Tony Zeoli
    Lead Developer

  • Jakre

    Hi Daniel- I just read a nice writeup on you by Buttrey.   I know you are busy. I’m a journo since 1979 and have launched mesh medical device news desk  http:/meshmedicaldevicenewsdesk.com because of the large number of people being harmed by the largely unregulated world of medical devices (long story).  How do I get more recognition ( I tweet, fb etc)?  NYT needs to do more on this story too IMHO… thanks for any ideas….. 

  • MH

    Mr. Victor, I am a pro-vax advocate and so are many of my friends. I read your recent article about harassment of Jews on Twitter. We have face the same thing on Facebook. Could you please contact me to possibly write an article about what is happening to us there? Thank you.